Online Cooking Learning Resources

cooking lessonsCooking is an essential skill that not everyone will grow up learning. Being able to cook even simple foods allows you to save money and have greater control over your diet and what nutrients you take in. You can share cooking as a flat or family to cut down on cost, as well as to share the work throughout the week. Cooking for yourself means you can choose organic ingredients and adjust recipes so that they contain more of the foods you like and less of the ones you don’t.

There are a number of online resources for learning to cook, which make it easy to replicate the techniques in your own home.

AllRecipes How To Videos. Cooking involves a number of techniques that can be difficult to understand and replicate if you’ve never seen them before. Cooking videos are a great way to get a step-by-step view of the process so that you fully understand how to complete a task. The videos at AllRecipes span from the basics such as cutting a mango or frying eggs, through to entire recipes such as devilled eggs and pies.

NY Times Technique Videos. These technique videos from the New York Times take you through the steps for more complicated or fancy cooking techniques, such as poaching an egg, making a roux, or caramelizing onions. These are perfect for if you’ve already mastered the basics but want to upgrade your retinue further.

Chef2Chef Cooking School. This online class provides a huge range of courses that are designed to take you through the preparation and creation of many different dishes. You can start as a total novice and work your way through sequentially, or you can simply jump in wherever you feel like you need an extra lesson. Each course contains 5 manageable daily lessons so you can gradually build up your skills, and begin to apply your new knowledge to your everyday cooking.

Rouxbe Cooking School. Whether you’re a professional chef, home cook or interested in health and wellness, Rouxbe has specialised cooking lessons for you to undertake. The idea is to give students the knowledge and understanding to be able to create recipes of their own design based on the ingredients they already have on hand.

Cooking is an important skill to learn, and not everyone has time to attend a dedicated cooking class. Whatever your skill level, you’ll find an online resource that allows you to improve and practice at your own pace.