Distance Learning – Massey University

Distance-Learning-Course-Massey-University Based in the Waikato, Massey is known for being a world-class university. It also offers a range of courses designed for distance learning that benefit just as much from the expertise and experience of the lecturers, as well as wide range of resources that a full university institution can offer. They’re often adapted from courses that are being offered normally, so you can be sure you aren’t missing out on anything when you undertake a degree from them.

Study materials are provided at the start of the course in a digital format, and are produced uniquely for each course by the lecturer who will be teaching you, so that it fits with their teaching style exactly. This is then supplemented by a world-class digital library system, with over 870,000 books and even more articles and journals. These can be browsed and downloaded digitally and used as resources for essays and assignments, so in many ways it’s even more convenient than a physical library system. However, there may be some books missing from this collection, and in these cases you can have the physical copy delivered to you for free.

One of the downsides of distance learning is not having regular face time with lecturers and other students. To make up for this, the online learning environment Stream has been developed, allowing you to share ideas with fellow students and the lecturer. This takes place in forums and discussion boards, and it’s also a hub for all the resources and information you need about the course.

Some courses also offer on-campus options, giving an opportunity for face-to-face tuition and explanation. The learning period is highly concentrated and focused, and can range from a few days to several weeks – on campuses with accommodation available, though you may need to organise this for yourself. During this time the course will cover essential skills that require either active instruction or specialised equipment only found at the university.

Distance Learning at Massey University adapts their top quality courses for distance learning, giving you the same options and opportunities as on-campus students.