Online Memory Skills Tests

online-memory-testsAlthough we don’t often think about it, memory is one of the most important skills for our day to day lives. Keeping track of faces, names, phone numbers and even credit card numbers are all essential to making life that much simpler, and having to write down important details can be dangerous if they fall into the wrong hands. Memory is something we naturally use and exercise all the time, but it’s difficult to know how our level matches up to what it could potentially be. It can be a tricky thing to test, but there are a number of online quizzes that offer some idea. It should be noted that these are mostly just for fun and interest, and shouldn’t be taken too seriously. Rather than a full assessment, they’re often more useful for tracking your improvements over time.

Guardian Memory Test. Created by memory master Ed Cooke, this is a comprehensive collection of mental challenges designed to test different aspects of your memory skills. There are five different sections – visual memory, remembering objects, learning languages, learning lists and integrated memory skills. This ensures that the test covers a full range of areas, not just one or two that you may be unusually good or bad at. It’s self-timed and requires a bit of personal honesty to complete fairly.

Dr Devi. Memory Quiz. Used by TIME magazine in an article on memory, this is a basic cognitive and memory test designed to give you a very basic overview of your skills. It also asks about your thoughts and experiences to get a picture of how your memory affects your everyday life.

Oxcoll Visual Memory Test. For those who think they have a good photographic memory, this is an interesting test to prove whether or not this is the case. You’ll be shown a series of images, and then asked questions about them. You’re allowed as long as you need to study the images, and they’re definitely very challenging.

Though not completely scientific, these tests are a fun and informative way to check how your memory skills are developing.