Everyday Memory Practice

everyday-memory-practiceMemory is one of those latent skills that most of us don’t really think about – or think of it as something that simply varies from person to person. While this can be true to some extent in terms of natural abilities, it’s also something that can definitely be improved through focused exercises. Some people may not consider this as “important” as regular learning, but in fact the two things go hand in hand. The better your memory is, the easier learning will be, and there are a range of other benefits besides.

  • Improved facial and name recognition. Being able to remember faces and names more easily is of course important for everyday life, and in particular in professional situations. If you find yourself struggling with titles and names, it can feel extremely embarrassing. Basic memory skills improve this and make the associations come much more naturally to you. Though a little basic, online games are a nifty way to practise this skill. They often include remembering both famous and new ones to test a range of different memory types.
  • Better fact and knowledge recollection. If you’re currently studying, a strong memory will make life much easier for you. Being able to hear a fact once and remember it is much more desirable than requiring endless rote learning, and will make exams a lot less stressful. There are even specific techniques you can use just for study preparation. This is definitely one area where people tend to think you either “have it or you don’t”, but the truth is you can definitely improve it on your own. One way to practice and improve this is through creating mnemonics.
  • Increased short term memory retention. Whether it’s remembering why you went out to the shops or being able to recall a phone number, short term memory has a range of uses in daily life that will make things easier for you in a simple way. Memory games are a simple and fun way to exercise this.

If you’re interested in improving your memory, there are a number of simple online tests that give you a measure of where your current skills are rated, and allow you to track any progress. There are also online games and exercises that are designed to be done every day to slowly but gradually build your faculties.