Online Brain Games

online-brain-gamesBrain games are a great way to keep your mind sharp and active, as well as a lot of fun to do. They’re designed to test and stretch different functions, and when done every day add up to continued improvement and development of the mind. Though you can buy them in books, these can be difficult to take on the go and can only be done once. On the other hand, online brain games can be accessed through tablets or other mobile devices and completed anywhere. There are a huge range available, including different puzzles and tests.

Simon Says. A small memory and reactions test, requiring you to hit the buttons in the same order as the computer. There are many different levels with increasing difficulty, so you can try back each day to see if you have improved.

Memory. As the name implies, this game tests your ability to memorise the order of cards. Click on the different cards to reveal them, with the aim of making pairs. Requires visualisation and short term memory.

Hit-The-Dot. Hit a randomly generated dot as many times as you can in 30 seconds. This tests your reaction times as well as your hand-eye co-ordination. You gain a point for each one you hit, and lose one for each time you miss.

Face Memory. After being shown a randomly generated face, you’re given the parts to try and rebuild it again. There are many possible combinations, and you receive more points for being more accurate.

Towers of Hanoi. Move disks one at a time from one pole onto another – however a bigger disk cannot go on a smaller disk. There are multiple solutions, so you can repeat the game to try and find the most efficient one.

Playing online brain games every day builds up different mental faculties over time.