Online Brain Games Website – Lumosity

lumosityLumosity is a website that offers a host of different activities in the form of a training program that’s designed to improve your mental capacity and facilities. Created by scientists working in collaboration around the world, the project is known as the Human Cognition Project. The goal is to create accessible, simple ways that the everyday person can improve their brain function without investing in expensive software or books. This is done in the form of games and activities that are set out in a “personal training program”.

When you first sign up, you’ll be asked to select which skills you’d most like to work on. These come from a range of general areas such as memory, attention, speed, flexibility and problem solving, and are divided into more specific skillsets such as associating names with faces or remembering patterns and locations. The idea is to apply brain skills and cognitive improvement with real-life applications that will be useful to you. Once you’ve selected the skills that you want to master, Lumosity will automatically create daily “workouts” with exercises designed to challenge each function.

Lumosity is available for a range of devices including iOS, so it’s easy to take with you and complete on the go. You can also complete all the tasks online, so you don’t need to invest in expensive books or materials, or download any software. With 60 million people using it, its proven to be a popular tool. The more people use it, the more scientists are able to refine the product and make it more and more accurate and useful. They also publish their findings and studies for other academic institutions to use and benefit from, so it’s an ongoing collaborative project.

Lumosity is a great way to actively measure the brain training you are doing, as it provides not only exercises but measurable progress and ways to track the results.