English Learning Websites For Adults

online-english-learningWhether you’re an adult who has emigrated to an English speaking country or a student completing an exchange, learning English can be a challenge when you have to do it outside your home country. It can be difficult and nerve-wracking working up the confidence to talk to native speakers, and sometimes courses and programs are difficult to access. In these cases, an online learning resource is a good solution, as it allows learners to go at their own pace and build their vocabulary and grammar until they feel confident putting it to use in a real life situation.

Talk English. One of the top priorities will be getting your spoken English in good shape. Reading and writing can always come later if necessary, and aren’t so important for simply getting by day to day. Talk English is a website designed specifically to aid with the speaking of English, not just the theory but also the practical side of it. It also aims to encourage a “natural” style of speaking, helping learners understand which phrases sound normal and comfortable in a given situation.

LearnEnglish. Provided by the British Council, this comprehensive learning resource teaches the form of English also used in New Zealand, so it can be used for those looking to integrate into Kiwi society as well. There are special sections for Business & Work, Writing and Media such as video and audio, so you can find the resources and exercises that most suit the type of activity you’ll be doing most in everyday life.

BBC English. The BBC is known for providing amazing educational resources via documentaries and television, and they also offer a range of English learning options. These include general and business English, as well as grammar and vocabulary exercises. The best thing about the website is that it can be accessed in a number of other languages including Chinese, Turkish and Vietnamese, which makes it that much easier to navigate for those who are still unsure of themselves. It also focuses on “words in the news” style topical English, to help interact with the changing world.

English learning is an important part of acclimatising to a new country, and it’s an ongoing and highly varied process. These websites help in a range of areas, but require a lot of motivation and determination on the part of the student.