Adult Learning Websites

adult-learning-websitesThere are many websites dedicated to adult learning, offering a range of learning programs in different areas and disciplines. Depending on what you need, you can be sure to find an inexpensive option that specifically targets your interests, study habits and lifestyle. Whether you’re looking to pick up a few extra skills or to immerse yourself in a full project or course, online study is convenient and flexible.

Adult Learning Support. A New Zealand based website that seeks to support those studying as adults, by offering resources and contacts for learners of all levels. These include basic numeracy and literacy, as well as other areas. In addition to online services, they try to be actively involved with the community. They also hire tutors to help with this, and are always looking for volunteers.

Skillshare. For those looking to add a specific skill to their itinerary, such as learning a type of software or how to do a particular task with it, Skillshare is a good option. Rather than occupying your time with a huge comprehensive course, it’s broken down into bite-sized lessons and mini courses that let adult learners invest in the things that interest them most.

BBC English. Adults who have moved to New Zealand to start a new life for themselves and their families may find the language barrier causes them a lot of trouble. Improving English is important for finding rewarding work that utilises the qualifications from their home country, but it can be difficult to make time for courses and other commitments. The BBC English website offers a range of activities and exercises to do in your own time.

CV Tips. One skill that many adults could benefit from is being able to build a strong CV. There are services that will do this for you, but it’s worth the time and effort to learn to do it yourself, as you’ll be able to update it as time goes on. The Work and Income website offers a good resource, including places to build it online for free.

These websites are just some of the resources available to adults looking to increase their skills without making a huge commitment to an educational course or institution.